Saturday, 11 February 2012

Craft fair ...... sort of

Well, here I am. Finally tucked up on the couch, with my favourite quilt, after a whirlwind week of orders, illness and being super busy with my actual job.
I found out on Wednesday that a craft fair (that we thought had been cancelled due to lack of interest) was actually going ahead.
 That gave me 3 days to organise for it!  Cue a flurry of activity and emergency runs to hobbycraft! Whilst being doped up on lemsip and anti biotics and hacking up a lung every 5 minutes.

I may or may not have stayed up until 1am sewing and then up again at 7.30am to make more clippies.
I may or may not have still been sewing when I arrived this morning!
I may or may not have trashed my entire house in the process and then left a huge pile of thread and scraps on the living room floor for my long suffering husband to clear up when I left...........

But I made it and had a lovely day drinking tea, quietly crafting and chatting to Beebs (of Rosebud designs) and all of the lovely customers that somehow found their way to us, in spite of the lack of advertising ;-)

I did have a complete tablecloth fail though! So my poor table looked kind of sad with the bare wood. Mental note to buy a large flat sheet so it will fit any size of table!

I spoke to the lovely lady who owns the local coffee shop to see if I could borrow a cup to display my cup sleeves. She was very nice and I think I will go and see her next week to see if she might sell some for me!

I also forgot to take pics before I started selling, but that could be because I arrived 20 mins before doors opened ........

I loved these happy little clips, but again I was mrs disorganised and was running around like a headless chicken  I  forgot to take some before I started selling.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by today, It  is always lovely to meet  new people, hear some feedback and new ideas and to see happy little bags making their way to their new homes.

If you would like to see how I have been more organised in the past ....... click here ;-)


  1. Your stall looks great, despite the tablecloth issue, and I love the way you have displayed your clips.

  2. yes, it looks lovely and pretty and the bare wood is not so bad at all! x

    cherry tree