Monday, 3 September 2012

Still here!

Helllooo lovely little polka dot bloggy space! I kind of forgot you existed! I have had a crazy busy summer but hopefully now we are going to become very well aquainted.

I'll just carry on like I have been writing here most days for weeks, months, years, okay??


So, last weekend I took part in a family fun day. I did one a few weeks ago and it was a great success! I loved it.

This one? Not so much. I refuse to be negative so instead I will say that I believe there were a few resons for the poor interest in our tables, the torrential rain being one of them.

Regardless of the issues, I was super pleased with my wee table :-) I tried lots of new props and display items and was pleased with the results!

(please excuse the phone pics! I forgot to take new batteries for my big camera:-( )

I was especially excited by my new vintage style brooches, corsages and hairclips

And my fabby new hairband display handmade by my Dad :-)

I have also been dipping my tootsies into the pool of "occasion" items! LOTS nore ideas for this , watch this space.

So to sum up - it poured with rain and I  brought home every single thing that I took with me (except my umberella which broke!) .
On the bright side - I am more than ready for my next craft fair on the 16th! yippee !