Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Some red red roses.

Recently I found the forums on Folksy and I  have enjoyed joining in with thr friendly Folksy community there.
 Thismonth I decided to take part in the January craft challenge, the theme was Scotland and the final date for entering was today! Burn's Day.
And so in my usual style I kind of scraped in at the  last moment. LOL.
Luckily it isn't a competition, it is just for fun and to be inspiring and challenging.

After a false start with some very stroppy tartan fabric (which I ultimately abandoned), I decided to make a fabric brooch. I have actually made  hairclips like this for the craft fair, but I haven't done a brooch in red before.

So here it is my litttle nod to Mr Rabbie Burns himself, my wee brooch adorned with red red roses.

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