Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A first for Polka Dot Sweetheart!

At the weekend I took part in my first ever craft event. Luckily I had some first class peeps to keep me company!

The preparation was a lot more intense than I expected and I proclaimed (more than once and very loudly!) that I would never do another fair. But I feel much more positive now, I think I will try to join in with another local event nearer Christmas time. At the very least I have an idea of what sold so I can avoid the time consuming things that didn't sell.
I was really pleased with my little corner and it all pulled together and co-ordinated in the end, I think.

My little felt flowers and brooches were so much more popular than I expected. I am thrilled!! I think they are so cute!

If you are reading this blog after picking up my card at the fayre, Welcome!
I hope you will pop in again and say hello. Thanks to everyone who supported us in our little venture xx

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